Studio is up and running...

It took some time to get my home studio just right, the time has come to start booking for the new year for studio shoots.

I had the pleasure of photographing St. Claire College Theatre Arts Student Taylor Pacello.


new toy

making a concerted effort to shoot more, me, stuff, in an attempt to bet better at the other stuff.

i have been wanting to get a macro lens for a long time, i have always made due with extension tubes.  after using the fuji X 60mm Macro 2.4 today at work to photography a camera damaged in shipping.  i was so impressed that i knew i wanted to have this lens in my collection.

so it followed me home, and we played...

and i car, i got to shoot this really neat 1961 GMC short box sidestep.  used the nikon gear, shot with the D750 and the 28mm f2.8, and some speed lights.  it was fun to play with lights.

note to self: use more light

sunparlour players

another fun evening of photography,  friends and some rye...   i have seen sun parlour players many times, but it always proves to be an amazing show... 

shooting again with the Fujifilm X-t1, it handling the tricky backlight heavy lighting like a champ.


My Son The Hurricane

I love to shoot bands, actually do so for enjoyment as a night out.. Purchasing the Fujifilm X-t1, has made it a lot easier.  It fits easily in a bag and is amazing is low light... I still love my Nikon gear, can't be beat it for shooting sports, but the Xt-1 definitely has a place in my bag.

Great band, great crowd... 

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npac 2016

new photographers association of canada        2016 toronto

Khalsa Day parade downtown toronto 2016

Thousands took to the streets this afternoon as the Khalsa Day parade moved through downtown Toronto, commemorating the Sikh new year.

More than 85,000 people were expected to take part in the annual parade, joined by dignitaries including Premier Kathleen Wynne and Mayor John Tory. Colourful floats and swaths of people made their way from the Canadian National Exhibition grounds to Nathan Phillips Square.